Thankful for missed alarms.

Middle schoolers have to get up early! My daughter catches the bus close to 6:30. That means she needs to be up well before the sun to get ready in time. That’s tough on an 11 year old, especially one who tends to be a night owl and loves the snooze button. I check in on her a few times to make sure she realizes how many times she’s gone back to bed and keep her on track.

Well, this morning we both slept a little late and neither of us was up until 6:15. Let’s be honest, we knew immediately she wasn’t catching that bus. She’s like me and oversleeping causes a bit of a panic. I told her if she missed the bus, no big deal, I would drive her today. There was a time, not long ago, where something like this would’ve caused complete chaos in our house. Trying to rush, forgetting things, getting frustrated, and setting everyone up for a bad day. I’m working on this and I’m so thankful.

She got ready, ate her breakfast, and we woke her little brother up so we could drop her off. Even HE was a good sport about the whole thing. We talked the entire ride there and she even kissed me goodbye. AT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL! My heart skipped a beat when she leaned over all on her own. ❤️

My youngest and I left the school and as we were heading home I commented on the pretty colors in the sky. The more we drove the more we saw and kept talking about it. I mentioned I would love a picture, but I was driving and there wasn’t a clear view. When we were almost home, we both noticed a cross visible in the sunrise. He said ‘Ma (I love when he says it like that) you gotta pull over’! He was right and I pulled over, right into a church parking lot. He took the photo and we both were just amazed at the beauty of it.

That feeling has stuck with me all day and I know it’s a moment we will both think back on. I’m so thankful we overslept, that I made the choice to relax, and that we were rewarded with a special moment and God’s beauty. ❤️✝️☀️


Virginia is for lovers ❤️

Something exciting happened this weekend!! I set a goal to take and pass my Virginia real estate exam this month, and I did!!! My first exam date was canceled due to bad weather and for some reason that made me super anxious about the test. When it was rescheduled for a Saturday I realized it was a blessing. I pretty much stay local and a trip to Vienna involves a lot more vehicles and toll booths. 😳 Both are easier to deal with on the weekend. 😊 Made it there and back with no issues and I cannot be happier!! Being from Virginia and still having tons of family there makes this a perfect addition to my real estate career.

ps- 2019 I’m loving you so much ❤️

Dear Winter,

I have such a love/hate relationship with winter. One minute I can be praying for snow and a good snow day just as much as my kids are, the next I’m completely over it.

Last weekend’s snow was pretty perfect. It was a beautiful snow. The kids had a blast sledding and we went on a fun family hike that ended up being Duke’s best day ever (seriously, look at that jump!). Now….it’s snowing again AND we are supposed to get even more this weekend. On top of that they are calling for record low temps in the single digits. Yeah, I’m against that. I hate to be cold! It makes it hard for me to function.

I guess we’ll just have to see what Mother Nature has in store for us these next few days. I’ll keep reminding myself that one of my favorite things about living in West Virginia is that we actually get to experience all 4 seasons. I just might be experiencing this one from inside the house. ❄️💙

Love Local!

I love the 15th of the month! That’s when I get to share the current #lovelocalgiveaway. ❤️ After spending 15 years as a community banker I absolutely love all things local. In my career as a realtor I have the opportunity to discover even more about the great area where we live, work, and play! Each month I spotlight items from a local business and give them away. This month’s items are all from Effluerage Spa and Boutique in Charles Town, WV. In addition to some of the most adorable and handmade items around, they also offer essential oils ‘make and take’ classes. A true gem here in the Eastern Panhandle! Check them out and #lovelocal!